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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let them eat cake...maybe not

Yikes! Last minute I've decided that I'll host a baby shower for a good friend who's due with a baby boy at the end of the month. So what's the number one thing you need when you have a new baby? Diapers! I can't think of any cuter way to give a gift of diapers (and have a super cute centerpiece)! This is my third attempt at a diaper cake and this time it was tricky. The two other times I had these plastic chip and dip containers that were on clearance at Walmart. I just stuck a 2 liter thing of pop in the dip part and built the cake around that. I knew I should've loaded up on those containers because it was hard to decide what to use for a base because a piece of cardboard is too flimsy. Enter that pizza pan we got from our wedding that we never use. Perfect! I just stuck the 2 liters of pop on top and built around. I rolled up all the diapers into little bundles and tied them with those clear hairbands for little girls. To make the fabric layers functional, I made burp cloths out of a towel and the fabric. Then I tied it all with some rick rack. It still need a little something to finish it off, but I'll let you see that when I show you the entire shower!

Here is the first diaper cake I made!

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