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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

52 Memories Challenge

So my kids were looking through our last years family album that I did on Shutterfly. And they noticed that I wasn't in a SINGLE picture! Really? Not ONE? That can't be right? Seaworld- not there, Disney World- uh uh, Christmas- apparantly not. Then I remembered "oh yeah, I hate all pictures of myself and try to burn/delete the evidence before someone can see the AWFUL pictures of myself. I am seriously the LEAST photogenic person EVER, I think that's why I prefer to be the photographer! So this is my challenge and maybe some of you mom's will notice as well that you are NEVER in pictures with your kids. Honestly my husband looks like a single dad in our family albums! So every week I'm going to get one picture with either one of my kids or all or even just my hubs and me- now that is really rare! In order to do this post I had to go back 6 months to even find a picture of me (that I would ever allow anyone to see). Thanks Renee for this picture with K! This is completely opposite of my sista Mandy cakes who finds her way into EVERY shot with my kids when we're together. (You think I'm kidding? I've got 100 pics of her to prove it) Occasionally I'll find an amazing picture of myself with one of the kids and I'll get all excited and then upon closer inspection, it's Mandy! Why can she take so many great pictures and I have a creepy Joker smile? I'm seriously the poster child of what NOT to do when having your picture taken. This last fall when it was time to get some family pictures taken I actually practiced my smile in the mirror. I can you hear laughing peeps, but it really worked! So here is everything I know about taking a decent picture of myself- hope this can help some of you out there!
1. Headshots are a girls best friend- Feeling fat, no problem! Cropping digital photos can take an awful picture to awesome!
2. Practice your smile- Make sure you do this in a locked room with the blinds shut or you might find yourself on You Tube! This really helps though!
3. Find your best side and work it! (This is meant for your face & not for other areas, but flaunt what you got!
4. Open mouth smile or a funny pose- This is definitely Mandy's technique and I got to say- it's way better than my creepy smile! Plus you will just feel happier doing it! Funnier is ALWAYS better than creepier!
So are you ready for the challenge? That means a shot every week with you and a loved one, or even just you! Next year I want my kids to look through the scrapbook and say "Wow! When did dad stop being a single parent on all our birthdays & vacations?"


  1. So true... what a great challenge!

  2. wow, not 1 pic in the album??? glad you started this challenge:)