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Friday, April 16, 2010

Give Away O Give Away!

Ok friends- we love our faithful followers and want to reward those who outwardly show their support. So each month we will try to have a give away to those who become (or already are) an official follower of our blog. From now until April 30th sign up to be a follower and you will be entered to win our giveaway for the month. Our super cute existing followers will automatically be entered as well. So what's this give away you ask? Well, a few people have asked me to photoshop some of their photos that they have taken that they love, but just need some extra flair. That's what I'm giving away. You can email me 6 of your favorite photos and I'll photoshop them to give them a little more oomph! Here are some examples of what I can do to your photos. I'll photoshop each picture 2 different ways so you can decide if you like vintage, color pop, or black and white. Here are some examples that I talked about as well in an older post. We love our followers! (sing this next sentence in your best Mr. Rogers voice) Won't you be our follower? Ok- hopefully your singing sounded less pathetic than mine and you decide to follow us!

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