Sisters with Flair

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Apple Blossom Time!

Squeal!! So excited- next week sisters with flair are all meeting up in our hometown, Wenatchee, WA to go to the Apple Blossom festival! Can't wait to see the whole fam! Mom is taking our cookie requests so she's all ready for us! It's sure to be a great time. The Apple Blossom festival in our town is a BIG deal. Huge. I try to explain it to Idahoans, but they just don't understand the magnitude of this awesome festival. Two parades, food fair, carnival, tons of entertainment, and of course, the Arts and Crafts Fair. For the past several years (excluding last year) Renee and Mom have run a booth at the craft fair selling their vinyl sign creations. They're at it again this year. Andrea and I will be there for "moral support." Should be super-duper fun. But what will NOT be fun is driving 11 hours to get there. With the toddler.
Yikes. Don't worry, since hubby can't get off work, I've found a Washington friend to drive with me. Should help a lot to have someone else to hand the baby food and entertainment. But I knew I must have some serious entertainment that would keep him distracted. Enter this little bag.

Yep, a little holder for our new portable dvd player. I think we'll be watching Toy Story about 8 times there and 8 times back. My little guy is in love with that movie. He doesn't move a muscle when it's on- seriously the best movie $$ I've ever spent!

Wish us luck on this drive! And come see us at the craft fair!!!


  1. How is it that i'm living in Seattle for the summer but going to be our of town for Apple Blossom? Dang! My one chance to relive the old days and go cruisin the ave. Shoot!

  2. Can you hear me screaming from Texas, I'm SO excited! mmmm dinner at sleeping lady & Merle Haggard, ya'll better watch it when the Fry girls hit the town:)