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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sewing lessons

Did you check out Renee's missionary tag?! I'm in love. I'd bet you could just contact her to buy the vinyl from her etsy store!

We (us sisters) have an incredibly talented mother. She never ceases to amaze those around her with her decorating, baking, sewing, quilting, animal rescue efforts, and electronic repair. She taught me everything I know about sewing. Last summer, Annie and I spent two weeks at home in Washington crafting with mom. We really wanted to learn how to applique. No, we actually wanted to learn! It wasn't our typical sewing session with mom that consists of us standing behind mom (eating her chocolate) while telling her how good it looks until she's finished the entire project herself. Andrea and I are self-proclaimed lazy crafters, ok? Anyway, we came home from that trip actually KNOWING how to applique. And I love it. You can personalize anything and make it super cute. Last summer we made a lot of shirts for the kiddos, but I also picked up the technique for baby bibs.

To applique you just need some sort of iron-on webbing and scraps of fabric. I've used pellon brand and steam-a-seam. Just cut the shape you want out of a piece of paper. Iron the webbing onto the fabric that you're using. Then trace your shape onto the webbing, cut out, peel off the paper backing and iron onto your shirt. Then sew a tight zigzag all around the edges. If you are applying an applique to a knit fabric, it's best to use backing(pellon brand, found at fabric stores) so your zigzag won't gather. For a more ragged look, you can just sew a straight stitch right next to the edge of the fabric instead of the zigzag.

To make this bib, I used a bib that I already had to use for the pattern. My craft store has all colors of tea towels and I can make two bibs from each towel. I just sewed on velco to attach at the neck.

Now go applique something!

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  1. Ok- seriously cute! But what's this about lazy crafting? I alone hold that title, thank you very much! You are anything but lazy!