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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Projects Get Me Through...

Frankly, the last couple of weeks have been exhausting. Being a full-time student while working is just not as glamorous has I had thought (I know, what WAS I thinking right?). Within a weeks time, I’ve had a poster project; a paper on the Treaty of Versailles, along with a powerpoint presentation; a critical analysis of a Supreme Court Case; a 10 page paper against globalization; a formal debate against globalization; a computer class term project and test; a book report on a 850 page book…AND a history II test. Thank goodness my western civilization professor moved that test until Tuesday or that could have been the straw that broke the camels back. Did I mention I also work and have four kids?

To get through times like this I have to have something to look forward to. Right now it’s the thought of taking a nap without laying there thinking about how behind I am, but I also look forward to projects. Andrea thinks I’m crazy, she plans vacations or parties to get her through…nope, I like projects. Sometimes I like to just dream about my parents coming and doing projects FOR me…did you check out Mandy’s amazing floors???

So far, I have 2 in mind, one will involve repainting the kitchen a different shade of grey and then my office/living room to match. The second will be re-doing this chair I picked up for $6 a few months ago. I loved the lines and details carved out of wood. Right now it’s sitting in a corner of my office and I look at it and imagine it white, then black, then roughed up, then white again. The fabric seat (in my head) has been many different colors some wild, some subtle, yellow, then grey, the avocado green... The planning is the fun part.

I work better when I have a set date for accomplishment so check back by June 30th to see the transformation. If you have any brilliant ideas for this chair then please add to my list…I still have finals to get through!

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