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Friday, April 9, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike...My Start On a Quiet Book

Great minds must think alike Mandy. I also struggled to keep my kids entertained during the church service and thought it would be brilliant to make them quiet books that would give them activities to do. Aren’t they adorable? I started them over 13 years ago and they’re still not finished. All four of my kids are now too old but I’m determined to finish them by the time I have grandkids (it’s good to set goals right???).

Over the years there were two tricks I used to keep from spending the entire service embarrassed and exhausted. This will sound crazy but, I found my kids were on better behavior when we sat in the very front row. Seriously, we sat in the very front row that nobody sits in. No toys or snacks came out of the bag until the sacrament was finished leaving about 35 – 40 minutes for the rest of the meeting. If there was screaming and crying etc. I took them into an empty classroom and explained when we were in the service we could have snacks and toys, read books, or color, but if we went outside it wouldn’t be very fun. Then we didn’t talk. I’d ignore the screaming and crying except to ask if they were ready to go back in and have their snack, toys, etc… The hardest part for me is wanting to hang out in the hallway talking to my own friends. When I was consistent it worked the best, and of course it works better with some kids more than others.

Another friend who sits by herself with four young children makes a special treat for her kid that is divided into 3 pieces for each. When one of the kids starts fighting with another they lose one of their 3 pieces. Now all she has to do is hold up her fingers as a reminder.

My youngest has been the hardest. He’s actually really good at keeping himself entertained my only problem is the kid is a “loud talker” he literally has no idea how to use a quiet voice let alone whisper. Anyone have any idea how teach a 5 year old to whisper???

I tried to create some duplicate pages; many aren’t sewn together so I’ll send you what I’ve got. Maybe one of us can finish this project!

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