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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Bunny Ears

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! Hope you're up to some mischief today- it's the only day you can get away with it!
Way back when I was still in college, I took a toddler lab. It was like preschool, only for toddlers:) The members of the class always planned out elaborate themes to entertain the little kiddos. Super fun. One day I was in charge and it was right before Easter, so I made these cute bunny ears. I found them the other day and couldn't get my little guy to take them off!
They are really easy to make. Just grab a headband and twist one pipecleaner around and make an ear shape. Then cut two pieces of white felt into ear shapes and hot glue a pipeclean sandwich. Repeat for the other ear. Then hot glue some pink felt for the inside of the ear- voila! Easy Easter project for your little bunnies to enjoy!

Happy Easter!!! I'm linking this to the Idea Room Inspired By party!

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