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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sisters Gone Wild!

We're going home. All 3 of us! We are going to celebrate my mom's b-day, and go to our famous home town Apple Blossom Festival. It's a HUGE 2 weekend event, with parades, Iron team races, and some illegal cruising, a carnival, a classy chassy parade, our favorite: craft booths & all the flowers and trees are in full bloom. It was my favorite time of year growing up & I love going home to visit. My mom & sisters will all be selling crafts at the craft fair. Wish us luck! We will gorge ourselves on food, see Merl Haggard (whoever that is) in concert, eat at the Sleeping Lady in my favorite town of Leavenworth, craft until carpel tunnel kicks in and NOT sleep a wink. Watch out Wenatchee, all your chocolate sales are going UP! We'll blog all about it next Wednesday!

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  1. Have Fun! Hopefully the weather gets better - it's a bit cold and Rainy here in Spokane. But I think chocolate will help :)Nothing is better than hanging out with moms and sisters....