Sisters with Flair

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quiet Books

I have dreamt of making an amazing quiet book for my little guy since- oh, before he was born. I remember seeing some at craft fairs and thinking, "I could totally do that!" Who was I kidding? For some reason it has been really hard to get up the motivation to make this. But after seeing a friend's homemade quiet book, I'm hooked again. I AM GOING TO DO THIS! Of course, I've searched for a lot of inspiration on the internet and found this website, How to make a quiet book. AMAZING! This takes some real imagination, people! I've also been inspired by Homemade by Jill, such cute ideas! So I just started working on mine- HELLO, tons of work. It's exhausting. But I'm hoping it'll be totally worth it when my kid is an angel because he'll have this to entertain him for endless hours. I can hope, right?
Here's my first set of pages. Not finished, obviously.
Maybe I'll hire the rest of the pages out. Anyone interested?


  1. Come on Mandy! You did wood floors, you did curtains, you can do a quiet book!

  2. OK- You are seriously the cutest mom ever. I just give my kid suckers to entertain him! I love the parking garage!

  3. Eee gads. Now you've got me, a total NON-sewer, dreaming of one. You guys are so cute. I've been stalking your blog for a month now and LOVE it. I know a lot of peeps trying to get blogs like this going, but theirs just don't have the "flair" that you guys seem to have. You should totally promote yourselves more on FB. Never really got to know the eldest of you sisters, but love the two I do know. Muuuuwah, dahlings!!