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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dry Erase Marker Magic

For some reason I was a little late to the game and never knew you could use dry erase markers to write on mirrors. It took me 30+ years to learn the trick and thanks to my sister I finally have! This has been a life saver especially since I leave for school at 6:15 am and there’s something really important that I need to remember to take with me or when I want to write a quick love note to my husband or kids before school (much easier to get off than lipstick). It’s magic I tell you…

Today is TAKS day {if you’re not from Texas just look up stomach ache & panic attack in the dictionary} so I quickly snuck into Madeline’s room before she woke up to wish her luck. She believes it works and she got the teacher that lets them chew gum while testing because studies show you gain 3 points if you chew gum while taking a test…whatever works is all I can say.

Thanks for the advice Andrea, this has been a quick cheap pick me up for our family!

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  1. Send me your address and I will send you some dry erase markers with clips for your mirror. I invented the eraser for dry erase markers- I will also send you other free advice re: dry erase! I love to keep notes on the mirror too!
    Julia (inventor)