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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An ordinary day in my life

My little sister suggested (multiple times) that I should do a "day in my life" blog post and take photos of the ordinary things we do during the day.  That sounded very UN-interesting to me.  My laundry filled days bore me, how could they possibly be entertaining to anyone else?  But I decided to give it a try.  Still lacking a way for me to download photos (still haven't finished unpacking the office/computer stuff) I had to use my camera phone.  And you know how much I love making videos on iMovie on my phone!  I decided to make a video diary.  (I think I've been watching too much "Good luck Charlie" on Disney)  Wish I could've video taped the MASSIVE tantrum at Home Depot with my 3yr old. (Imagine me exiting Home Depot, football holding a toddler, who is quite strong by the way, as he is kicking, screaming and biting me.  Oh and there was spitting too.  Wish you were me huh?) But I was already getting the rudest looks and didn't quite feel this moment would be funny in the near future!  We have officially had all three children have complete melt downs at Home Depots now.  Thanks buddy, I was worried my public humiliation was over!

This video needs a disclaimer :  My child is rarely dressed but not from lack of trying.  Don't judge!

Here ya go.  Boring.  Ordinary.  Us......

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