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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm impatient.  I want what I want and I want it now.  Snap my fingers and my room to be complete.  If I don't lose a pound a day, I want a new diet.  So you can imagine how this "life changing happiness project" and "new house to decorate" scenarios are about putting me over the edge.  I'm about a  half box of Sees chocolates away from a mental break down.  (oh how those pineapple truffles and marzipan can solve problems!)  So with the paint completed, now comes the fun part.  Decorating.  Haven't figured out the details yet but here is stage one of morgan's room....  Photo's ala phone aka: lame photos.

Paint:  Color is Adriatic Mist from Behr

I am loving this color. So much, that I painted another bedroom this color!


See what I mean?  Needs some work on the finishing touches.  Curtains are stumping me.  Black & white?  Turquoise?  Plain white?  Hot pink?  More pattern?  Less pattern?  And of course my windows are too tall for store bought drapes, so sewing will be involved.  Boo.


I'm thinking maybe these curtains from ikea.  But I'll have to add about 12'' of another fabric to make them long enough.  Plain black fabric and add some ruffles?

 Or these are some fabrics from my favorite online store and maker. and Premier Prints.

So there's my progress report.  I need to at least get drapes in here.  Got any suggestions?   My daughter hasn't slept in this room since we've moved in.  But on a plus note- it sure stays cleaner without her in it!

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