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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I love lighting.  Unfortunately I find amazing lighting and then vomit at the price tag.  It's a bit ridiculous to pay $1000, am I right?  I could justify it if it came with real diamonds or real gold, but not for fakies!  Seriously, what's a girl to do that has high dollar taste on a mint oreo budget?  (Have you tried the mint dipped in chocolate oreos?  I die!)  Anyhoo, like I was saying before chocolate came on the brain, I love lighting.  It makes a huge impact in the room.  I bought a home with really great bones.  Wood floors that I love, cabinets that are nice, love the baseboards and austin stone fireplace.  But the lights just aren't working for me.  They are beautiful, just not the modern feel I'm going for.  They're more tuscan/ old world.  Which is nice, but not me.  So I took the plunge and guess what?  I found some not so pricey light fixtures and I'm anxiously waiting their arrival.  Wanna preview?

Before lighting: Untitled

 This is my current dining room fixture. I'm sure it cost them a pretty penny. And here is my new light that hopefully arrives in 5-10 business days......

It's a whopping 48'' long.  It has great reviews and has a not so scary price.  Found on

You can see the dining room from the entry, so that means I have to have lighting that coordinates.  Every door knob and fixture is the dark bronze color.  Which limited my lighting choices.  I didn't feel like changing every door knob and light fixture throughout the house.  I've tried to alternate silver and bronze light fixtures in other homes and you know what?  It doesn't really work.  I do think you can do funky lights that don't match in bedrooms but you need to play it safe in the main spaces and have the same finish.  That's just my opinion though.....

Here's the entry way light:


And here's the new one I ordered....

Again, this is from and had great reviews.  I'm really counting on those reviewers.  I hope they don't let me down!  They'll look good together, right?  They have to!  Because I'm not so great about returning things in the mail.....

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  1. You'll have to post your own review when you get your chandys, they look fabulous! I've had my eye on one from there but have not ordered it yet. How much are you going to sell the old chandelier for?