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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Living with M

My daughter should start her own blog or etsy site.  At 10 years old she has more creative genius in her pinky than I'll ever have.  And while I complain about the endless amounts of tape, needles & thread and scraps of paper that are continually cluttering up every. single. room. in. my. house!  I will say, she comes up with some amazing creations.  Here's a few of my favorites (mostly) from this week.  Yes, just this week!  That's a lot of crafts!

She made this bunny for her little brother.  He lovingly named him Germy.  That's a brother for ya!

Her first try at a pillow, actually, her first try at sewing.  Pretty good eh?

This is what I found on my desk this morning.  And a lot of tiny scraps of paper to boot.  There are always scraps of paper around....

Here's where the tape comes out.  Friends come over and the TP dress designs come out.  This is her attempt at Project TP Runway....

 A quick little water color of a grasshopper before lunch. Again, brother's request.


My favorite- the owl.  She mastered french knots after just showing her once.  Impressive eh?  We have a new obsession for owls here.  Real owls creep me out just a little though.  I prefer the funky colored creative owls myself.  And don't get me started on snails.  They're gross.  But not this one.  This one is Adorb!


I'm pretty sure she has a fun career ahead.  Hopefully she can hire someone to clean up after her, because that is a full time job!  Trust me, I'd know.....

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