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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Happiness Project

Have you read the Happiness Project?  I sat on the beach, watching the kids make rafts with drift wood  and got inspired by this book.  On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy am I?  I'd say about 7.5.  I'm pretty darn happy.  But lets face it, I'm a dress size away from falling off the happy wagon.  I decided when I was about 25 that happiness doesn't just happen.  It's a choice.  And it's something I have to continually work on.  Being positive doesn't come naturally to this extremely unlucky girl.  (I have the weirdest things happen to me and tend to be pretty sarcastic)  But I have to choose to focus on the positive and not dwell on the mishaps.  Here's the author's website if you haven't heard of this book, she's got great tips for starting your own project too!

So I came up with 10 things that make me really happy.  I'd love for you to come up with your own list.  I found this to be really interesting.  I had to think about exactly what it is that makes me giddy inside.  Here it is:

1.  Fresh flowers.  I buy a blooming orchid every time I see one.  I tend to like indoor flowers in pots because they last longer.  A simple orchid in my kitchen makes me happy and lasts for 2 months.  Best $9.99 ever spent!

2.  Making beds.  Doesn't matter if your room is spotless.  If the bed is disheveled, it ain't pretty.  I have to have every bed in every room made.  Every day!  Freshly changed linens make me really happy too.

3.  Clean counter tops and surfaces.  Clutter drives me crazy and tends to wear on me.  Walking in to my garage every day makes me depressed.  I've got to change that!

4.  Music.  I need to play more music when doing jobs around the house.  I tend to be angry when picking up the same room 10 times in one day.  Someone, of course not me, may tend to raise their voice and get annoyed with the same shoes and crafts left out over and over.  I think if I turned on some fun music, my attitude would change.

5.  Splurge a little.  And when I say splurge, I mean on the little things.  I noticed that I tend to be a cheapo on little things like a fun dish towel or cute paper napkins (instead of the bajillion boring pack)  that would make me smile.  When I hand my family yellow polka dot napkins at dinner, I smile.   Buy the nicer soap and not just reserve it for the guest bathroom.  Always have fun stationary on hand.  It's simple, but gives me a boost every time I use them.

6.  Make time for traditions.  I tend to feel overwhelmed instead of getting excited for Halloween or V-day.  Why not write it on my calendar and make carving pumpkins a party rather than a chore.  I tend to think about it the night before halloween and hand the kids sharpies to draw on their pumpkins.  They are always disappointed with that idea.

7.  Make little things more exciting.  I had a really good friend that made everything a game.  Movie night had a concession stand and tickets and individual bags of popcorn and treats.  Dressing up like a Princess and going to buy the newest disney princess movie.  Using the "You are special plate"  for little things like getting and A on a test or giving a talk in church.  Why aren't I doing these things?

8.  Random acts of kindness.  Doing something for others always cheers me up.   I've noticed though that doing things for friends is easier than doing them for my family.  How sad is that!  I've got to work on that.  Be nice to everyone.  Especially my own family.

9.  Dress my best every day.  Staying around the house all schlumpy makes me feel schlumpy.  And running a quick errand and hoping I don't see anyone I know, NEVER works out when I'm in sweats and unwashed hair.  I  think you are guaranteed to see more people that way!  I took a class once from a lady that said you should look your best at home for your family.  Not for the outside world.  I've taken this to heart.  I don't spend a lot of time on my appearance but I'm happy to say that I no longer own a single free t-shirt or any t-shirts for that matter!  I instantly feel better....

10.  Dates.  I must continue to date.  For my marriage and for my sanity.  Girls nights out are included too.  I have to have some time with friends.  Lunch dates once or twice a month.  Play dates with other moms and their kids and ALWAYS a Saturday night date with the hubs.  I live for these moments of sanity.

Those are what makes me happy.  So with that said.  I'm going to work on some goals, keeping in mind my daily happy factors as written above.  Each week I'm going to work on one goal and get back to you on how it's working for me.  I'd love for my blog friends to try along with me or come up with your own, but do something for yourself.  As my dad would say "Go find your happy's and come back when you have them!"

I'm starting on Monday.  So stay tuned!  My first goal is FEEL BETTER.  And after writing this list of 10,  I already do!

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