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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I'm practically a four leaf clover today.  I won something!  I've been known to enter a few giveaways.  Aka: Publishers Clearing House, call me, I'm still waiting. But the only thing I've ever won was a Nickelodeon First Place runner up prize when I was 10 yrs old.  A year supply of Dinosaur Chef-Boy-R-Dee. I had one bite and vomited.  Even at 10yrs old I was a food connesuer and that wasn't palatable!  Out of 7 children in my family, not one of us would eat the stuff!  I'm pretty sure they've changed their recipe since then, but I still shudder at the thought of it.

Anyway, moving on to my lucky day.  I won the most cutest, most adorablest, most perfect birthday banner and I'm giddy!  I want it up all year round its so stinking cute!  And the fabric is double sided so it could even be hanging on a wall without the words showing all year round.  I think it would look great in my sons room or our play room.  It's fun and bright and just makes me down right happy!  One of my favorite blogs, 71 Toes, had the give away and it's like she knew how important I feel traditions are.  It couldn't have been more perfect for me.  I think the best memories are the simple ones like a banner hung on your big day.  After all, you rarely remember the actual gifts you opened but you do remember the tradition of the way you celebrated it!

I wish I could give every one who is reading this (aka: hi mom & dad) one of these beauties.  It's absolutely the perfect gift.  But sorry, I can't.  But you can go to Sparkle Power's etsy site and find it her here.

Here's it on my fireplace
Or in my entry....

My photo's don't do it justice, but wherever you put it, it will look adorable!

Here's a better shot of it from her store.

She has lot's of great treasures this tooth fairy pillow?  I suddenly feel trashy with the ziploc baggie under my children's pillow all these years.  I must correct that situation with one of these cuties....

Scallop banner?  Yes please!
Thank you Sparkle Power and 71 Toes!  You both made my week!  And our family will love this new tradition!

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