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Thursday, August 23, 2012

K's Room

Well I gone and dun it!  I'm checking off some things on my to-do list and K's room is done! (for now)

This was BEFORE we moved in:

And here is now:

zoo 030a
The green striped comforter cover is fabric from Ikea.  The orange pillow came from Ikea as well.  The grey patterned sheets and blue blanket are from Target.

zoo 028a
This tool chest I found at an antique store for $40.  My friend just got the exact same one last weekend at a garage sale.  For $5.  Boo.  The sock monkey quilt was a gift from my sister when he was born.  I loved the vibrant colors and have always wanted to incorporate them into his room.

zoo 027a
We bought this dresser when I was pregnant with my first.  We were sure it would be a boy.  8 yrs later we were right!

zoo 025a
The K's I spent a year (plus!) collecting or making.  And the bed was free from a neighbor.  Score!

zoo 022a
 Everything is pretty much the same since his room in our last house, except for these road signs.  They used to be above my fireplace.  They look much better in a little boys room I think.  I can't even imagine them above a fireplace now!

One room down.  5 to go!

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