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Monday, August 27, 2012

Project Happy, Week 3- Service

I started my own happiness project 2 weeks ago.  You can see the start here.  Week one goal was more energy.  Unsuccessful, but I'm still working on it.  Let me give you a recap of my 2nd week goal which was organizing.  I'm still un-organized.  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Just kidding.  Not on the un-organized part though, that's true.  But there's a lot more to this being happy than I thought.  Maybe that's why this book became an actual book and not a paragraph.  I like quick fixes.  And while I'm not unhappy, I'd like a quick fix to extreme happiness.  (That's where chocolate & orchids come in I guess) So my goal of organizing the office wasn't completely successful.  But it's got 4 less boxes in it, all unpacked and put away.  (I still have the boxes un-flattened sitting in the hallway.  But they're outside the office, so technically it's an improvement right?)  I did however get pictures hung in K's room, my bedroom and M's room.  And the tools and paint cans that have been strewn about my house are all put away.  So I was able to cross off some things on my To-Do list and that always makes me happier!  I guess happiness is really how you choose to look at things.  I prefer a little sarcasm, laughter & basically denial.  That's my secret.  There, someone pay me a million dollars for my fool proof happiness secret!

Ok- moving on to week 3.  Service.  Serving others always makes me happier.  I actually find it easier to serve friends more than my own family so I'm going to work on serving my family this week.  Here's some ideas I hope to incorporate this week:

1) Creative dates.  Not just the usual dinner and a movie.  Go here for great ideas!

2) Love notes:  Here's a darling lunch box love note idea found here.  

3) Better family dinners.  I dare you to tell me that this chicken pot pie doesn't say love!


                                       you can find my recipe here

4) And maybe getting the hubster's car detailed.  Does a clean car make you happy?  It makes me happy!

Those are my goals for this week.  And I will continue to work on more energy & organizing.  As far as my happiness scale this week, I'm at an 8.  But I think my surge in happiness has mostly come from my children's first day of school!  Hallelujah this summer of messes and chaos and laziness is over!  I should've made this weeks goal organizing, now that I have an actual shot at it!

Now go be happy!

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