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Friday, March 26, 2010

Avocado & Classic Black Photo clip Display

0324_3230a, originally uploaded by Nestlings.

One of my adorable friends had a birthday last week. You know, the kind of friend who makes you laugh so hard face hurts? Yep, that’s the one. She’s also extremely crafty and creative so coming up with a birthday gift I knew she’d appreciate was a little more difficult. Thank goodness her awesome husband bought her a Canon camera for Christmas because that gave me an idea. Monday I started working on this project and several steps later it was finished. Actually it’s very easy, just a lot of steps and drying time in between. Since I’m not really the modge podge type {thankfully Andrea taught me to not be afraid of it} this was a totally new project for me. A little sanding and antiquing came next. My friends at American Crafts hooked me up with this gorgeous scrapbook paper {thanks Jeff!}. Finally the top was coated in a protective varnish that took about 2 days to dry.One paper binder clip was attached to the top and I covered a button with linen to help camouflage the not so pretty clip. A gorgeous picture for the sample came from Blessed B photography isn’t she the sweetest baby?

Maddie is already planning one for her room!


  1. oooh I love this! It's GORGEOUS! My birthday is coming up, hint, hint!

  2. Beautiful Renee! And YES she is a pretty sweet baby:)