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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crafty Coaster Break

I finally decided to tackle some spring cleaning and actually cleared off my desk, filing each and every loose paper, coupon, to do list, and candy wrapper. Then I decided it looked too bare. With all the loose papers cleared off my desk there suddenly were no loose papers to use as a coaster for my cans of coke zero {I’ve converted, it’s seriously the best!}. Anyway, I took a 15minute break to make myself a useful coaster out of some bits and pieces of my favorite fabrics, 100% soft linen and a very hard to find print by Heather Ross that I’m in love with. Don’t tell Andrea, but I think she’ll be getting a set for her birthday because I know her computer desk could use them too.

So what have you created today?

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  1. Too cute! And I can't believe you are actually leaving your Diet Pepsi behind. Never thought I'd see the day! Well, welcome to the darkside! :)