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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter is coming!

Can you believe it peeps? Easter is just around the corner! I've been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to plan the fun! So I've spent the morning rifling through ideas to make this Easter memorable for my family. Here are some ideas I came across:
1. Bakerella makes some fun Easter cake pops that make me gain a pound looking at them!
2. Getting Crazy came up with a fun way to repurpose some old stuffed animals (I think I have an extra 30 if anyone wants some!)
3. Of course there is always Easter Egg dying parties with little friends. I love doing this with other mom's!
4. My friend in Salt Lake always has a picnic the weekend before with great grandparents. They come to her house and she and the kids prepare a fun lunch on the patio. The night before, the family makes fun Easter baskets for the G's to enjoy! How cute! This would be great to do with any elderly grandparents that you know if yours aren't close by!
5. I've gotta try this last idea: Easter egg hunt at a hotel. My friend books a room for a night at a hotel (always with an indoor pool for the kids) and they hide easter eggs around the lobby, hallway, vending machines, gym,etc. You get the idea. The kids find some of the eggs & the unsuspecting guests get to find a few too!
Start thinking about Easter friends. It's approaching quickly!

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  1. just found your Etsy shop and love it! great to see that "texas" talent!