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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break staycation

I was pretty bummed when I couldn't plan a REAL vacation for spring break. With my hubs self employed status he just can't get away. What's a girl to do? Stage 1: Sulk. Stage 2: denial. Stage 3: Tell yourself a staycation is WAY BETTER & make it believable! So I wrote down all the things I hate about a vacation, such as packing, unpacking, catching up on a week's worth of laundry, airports, claustrophobia on airplane, driving for long periods with screaming/whining children, not enough sleep because we're all crammed into one room at a hotel, awful beds, and stomache aches from all the restaurants. WOW! I suddenly don't feel so bad about not going on vacation! (I'm good at denial) But our family definitely needs a break, so what should we do? That's when I decided it was staycation time. Each of us got to plan a day where we choose the activity and a restaurant. I want a vacation from the kitchen too people! First I made some rules to ensure this would actually feel vacationy. Rule #1- No phone! Rule #2 No working. including emails! Rule #3 No housework! YAY for me!

So here is our itinerary and some pics from our first day of staycation.

Day one: Dad's day
Horse back rides and petting zoo. Eat at a pizzeria.

Day two: Morgan's Day
Bike rides at a new park with a picnic lunch

Day three: Taylor's Day
Movie- Alice & Wonderland, ride the carousel & campfire smore's in
the backyard.

Kimball's Day: (is pretty much every day)
Eat suckers, play with a ball, blow bubbles, swing, drink dad's BIG GULP

Mom's Day: Still working on it, stay tuned!

Day one was a success! No whining, no crying, no stomache aches, no headaches! We were able to see a Lamb with her two babies that were just born. We got to see one stand for the first time. It was a perfect moment. I love watching my kids see something new for the first time. This staycation isn't so bad after all! Stay tuned for more adventures in Staycay land! Hmmm, I wonder if I can recreate a beach & maybe a Disney ride tomorrow? :)

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