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Monday, March 1, 2010

New Flooring Reveal!!!

Here's a reminder of what lay here before. Nasty, stained, old, ugly carpet. It was my least favorite part of the house; well, maybe that's the kitchen, but this carpet was high on my despise list. You just never know what the old owners did to that carpet. I like my own dirt, not other peoples:)
When I thought of the idea of putting new laminate flooring in with my Dad, I thought it would be a quick, easy, 4 day project. I'd get a babysitter for Zeke and my Dad and I would have a great time putting this in together. Things didn't go quite as planned. Oh, we had a great time, but it was a TON of WORK!! Zeke came home from the sitter on Monday with a cold, so we did it all with a crying 18 month old who just wanted his mom. Super fun. We also thought that we'd rip out the carpet and rip out the old linoleum and that would take a couple hours. Who in the heck thought it'd be a good idea to put thousands of staples, nails, and screws into this flooring?! My hands have never been so sore as I was on staple removal. We decided they had three guys working on this flooring: the stapler, the nailer, and the screwer. I think they should've backed off a bit. We had to rip out three layers of linoleum and thin plywood in the kitchen/dining area. We also ripped out all of the baseboards and the trim around 8 doors. My mom came to help us on Wednesday and help she did. We worked at least 12 hours every day only took breaks for American Idol, Survivor, and a pedicure Saturday afternoon. With Zac's help on Saturday we were able to finish everything by Saturday night. Here's Dad, slaving away for me!

Another totally awesome picture of me and the fun sized mounds bars that got us through the week!

Here's the carpet/linoleum transition. Totally awkward. So happy it's gone!

So here it is! Thank you so much to my Dad and Mom for coming to help put it in. Lumber Liquidators is definitely the way to go. We saved so much by buying the laminate from them compared to any other store. And we saved even more by doing all of the work ourselves. Just looking at it makes that long, exhausting work seem worth it. Now I just need a new kitchen, but I think that'll wait a year or so.

The dining area. On the table is the fabric for my new drapes!

Hooray! I love it!!

And here's my little guy after his first "new floor" accident! I guess it's a little slick!

I still have to buy a new rug and caulk and paint all of the trim. That will be fun, maybe my parents will want to come for another visit this month!


  1. Beautiful! We put in laminate in our downstairs a couple of years ago and I have never regretted it. Yours looks amazing!

  2. YAY! Your floors look amazing! It makes your house look more modern and clean. You should be thrilled!

  3. it's good to see another doing this.. you and your dad did such a good job! My sub floor is still waiting for me to get started!


  4. I'm so jealous, that looks amazing! Andrea's right, it makes it look so clean and modern what a huge difference. I'm thinking mom and dad need to make a visit to Texas next!!

  5. Looks great, Mandy....You girls are so fun to follow as you make the world a more snazzy place...Love ya' Linda B

  6. It looks so good, Sorry it was harder then you thought it would be but now you can enjoy it!

  7. OMG it looks amazing, I just love the darker wood color!