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Sunday, March 21, 2010

love notes

I had a great weekend planned. Totally fun stuff from sunrise to sunset. The stomache bug had other plans for me though. I have been stuck in bed since Friday night and going insane. My TV in my bedroom broke on Wednesday so I'm totally bored! I feel great if I'm laying completely flat and don't move. It leaves very little for me to do since I've already slept 15 hours today! What's a girl to do? That's when I remembered I need to catch up on the kids journals. I've been (badly) keeping journals for each child since they were born. But recently my neighbor shared a fun idea with me that my kids love. I got each of them fun notebooks at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. I write them a note in the book and stick it under their pillow, then they write me a note back and stick it under my pillow. Its been a fun journal because I get to see what's important to them at the time and see their writing improve (hopefully). Here is a fun note from my kindergartner- I'll have to translate: Dear mom, I love you. I am happy because you are letting us get a dog when Kimball is potty trained. Love, Taylor Oh the things we commit to when we are desperate! Taylor was going through a I don't want to go to school phase so I slipped up and offered this in the distant future. I have a feeling she's going to remind me of this every day for the next year!

I also started a notebook for my husband & I to write back and forth. So far its just a letter to him. My pillow is getting lonely babe.... hint hint!

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