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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yay! He's Home!!!

When my hubby has to leave out of town for business, let's face it- I'm a wreck. I don't handle it well when I'm left here alone. It just plain stinks and I miss him. So before he leaves, I pack his bag with little treats and notes to open for each day he's gone. Usually I spend a lot of time making the notes all sentimental, but I rushed to throw this together. I forgot until late the night before he left, so I hurried to Wallyworld and picked up a few treats. Scribbled some notes for each day and threw them into paper sacks with the treats for each day. Don't forget the duct tape, so they're really hard to open :/ I know it's super-cheesy, but it makes me feel like he knows how much we miss him here. And he likes it too, I mean, who wouldn't?!

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