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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Scrappy Clutch

I case I've lead you to believe that I'm a great seamstress, I am sorry. I am not. I can sew some pretty good straight lines, but when it comes to patterns with mutliples steps, I typically end up with some impared projects. Like my project today: my scrappy clutch. I followed a great tutorial here. She does a great job taking you through step by step, but her end product looks so great! I'm still pretty happy with mine though, I guess practice makes perfect.

I was really proud of myself for putting in the zipper! Her tutorial made that part easy!

On another note, when's the last time your kid put his face in the car's tailpipe?

I'm posting this on Just a Girl's Show and Tell Day!


  1. I have four kiddo's and I can't say any of mine have ever done that. Way to mr. Z!!!

    The clutch looks awesome, wish I had a birthday coming up:)

  2. The car love starts early at your house! Love the clutch but I'm thinking it needs a big old flower attached to it!

  3. That reminds me of the indian game with the warm milk and candle we use to play at our get togethers...remember that?!