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Sunday, March 7, 2010

little boy bling

My girls have a plethora of bracelets, flowers, necklaces, rings, sparkly shoes, and even earrings. What does my little boy have? Nothing but boring brown shoes, brown pants and maybe a color polo. Yawn! I was so excited to see these ties at a boutique this weekend and can't wait to make my own. I had originally seen them on another blog here and knew they were just the bling my Kimball needed for church. Girls can't have all the fun right? So here's what I call the surfer-tie. It sounds so much better than the too-lazy-to-finish-the-edges tie, plus it would look great with some leather flip flops. Ooh can't wait! I wonder if it would look good on a 39year old dad? Hmmm.......

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