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Monday, March 29, 2010

Your story, your legacy

Hi, remember me? I'm the super sentimental, sappy sister who's got to make every craft have a personal meaning. Every item of decor has to have a story, every gift has to be hand made and ultra sentimental. Yeah, I know, it's a sickness. But with that in mind, here is my post for today. I found this when I was shopping in a really cute German town with my parents and sisters (so now its even MORE sentimental). I almost screamed when I found these books- they are the perfect gift for me!!! There are two books- one for mom's and one for dad's. They ask questions about your childhood and leave room for you to describe your bedroom when you were a kid. Your favorite relative. Your first friend. First date. How you met your spouse. It's a journal that prompts you to tell your children about yourself. What you wanted to be when you were a kid. Your favorite Christmas memory. The cat that tortured you as a child. (sorry mom, I know you love her but she's a menace!) Your funniest memories with your siblings and boy do I have alot! I jot these memories down when I'm waiting at the dentist or in carpool for my kids to know a little more about me. My kids love it & eventually I'll get my husband to fill out his book too. I thought this was so cute that I ordered some as a baby gift for a first time mom. I researched the book maker and here is where you can get your own. This could be a great mother's day or father's day gift too! Go ahead, get some chips ready for all the cheesy goodness these books will force you to become. And maybe I'll save a spot for you at the Super Sappy Sisters anonymous meeting. I'll make sure to bring cookies from a 100year old family recipe served on a platter that my great great grandma brought over on the Mayflower. :)

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