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Friday, March 5, 2010

Paper Party Garland...Anthropology Style

Want a fun vintage way to add shape and movement to your next party? Have I got the project for you! These remind me of paper projects from childhood and they are easily done with old books, sheet music, or newspaper found in your own home. I found a wonderful old antique children’s story book from 1947, the only problem was the pages were falling out and it just wasn’t readable anymore. A few simple scrapbook products later and I had garlands made for myself and a few friends. Depending on the length, eight ornaments seem to be about right.

You’ll need:
Ribbon or twine
Grommets and tools (optional)
Hole punch

To begin, you’ll cut the paper into strips; each ornament takes the following strips;
1- 2.5” X 5”
2- 2.5” X 6.5”
2- 2.5” X 7.5”
2- 2.5” X 9.5”

The papers are then ordered with the single paper in the center followed by the next size up on either side, ending with the longest piece on the outside. Make sure all of your papers are lined up on one end (since they are different sizes they can only be lined up on one end).

This is where the grommets and tools come in, if you scrapbook then apply a grommet to the top for the ribbon or twine to be strung through. The quick method is to staple the end and then add a small hole punch to the top to string the ribbon/twine.

Next, to arrive at the final shape, you’ll begin pushing the papers up from the bottom until they are all lined up; add a staple to the end so the ornament holds its shape. Do this to all of your ornaments.

Finally, string your ribbon or twine through the grommet/hole punch at the top tying a knot to keep each one in place. The spacing can be a bit tricky so a friend or spouse can come in handy.

Now you’re ready to party, Anthropology style….

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